What's FermataPhone you ask?

FermataPhone is an interactive blog principled on the idea of social music exploration, or a game I like to call Hot Potato DJ (see my Introductory Post for an elaboration). This blog spot is a dedicated platform for virtual friends on a common expedition through the vast Classical genre to share, discover, and explore great music!

Every week I pick a new theme or “leitmotif”, the umbrella-heading and direction for our music discovery. On each Wednesday and Saturday I post a new review of a work plucked from the Naxos Music label. The works chosen will stray from the common in search of something off your radar as these themes (leitmotifs) will be anything and everything.

Then it’s your turn! I invite you to contribute feedback, recommendations, anecdotes – basically anything that furthers the FermataPhone blog community’s quest for new, great music. Social music exploration is best accomplished with a network.

So what are you waiting for? Get your stereos and headphones ready and let’s explore great music!

Happy listening!