Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Solo Piano Music of the 20th Century

Sometimes it only takes one.

I spent this week rummaging through piano works that spanned four centuries.  When I stumbled upon one of Ravel’s Miroirs, Une barque sur l'océan, I knew the direction of my expedition instantly.  I had to find more piano works like this.  

 Rolling waves beautifully sketched by oscillating scales, right-hand trills as white peaks breaking after dancing as atop the turbulent sea, Ravel depicts every image so clearly it’s as if I’m hearing the hues of sunrise shimmer off the calm ocean front.

Sometimes it only takes one piece of music to captivate.  It happened to me!  Now you can thank Ravel for these next two works and their theme: Solo Piano Music of the 20th Century. And so goes my auditory affair with the piano.

Happy Listening!

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